When it comes to salon etiquette, there certain are principles that both you and your stylist should follow. Following these simple guidelines will create an amazing experience for everyone.

#1 Be on time.

  This applies to both the client and stylist. Being on time allows you to maximize the time you spend in the chair. Your stylist should be there before your appointment time to prepare and have all of the necessary tools & products ready upon your arrival. If either the stylist or client will be late, it is imperative to contact the other party to inform them of your estimated arrival time.

#2 All services should be discussed prior to your appointment.

Snooty Girl is an appointment only salon. Your appointment time is booked based off of your needed services. Not informing your stylist of any additional services needed can result in rescheduling or not being able to receive the additional services. Your stylist has multiple appointments scheduled for that day and has to respect the other clients’ time.

#3 Cell Phones. 

Cell phones and electronic devices should be used when appropriate. The use of your electronic device should not interrupt your appointment;unless it is an emergency.

Cell phone usage is prohibited during lash appointments. This is to protect your eyes. Your lash stylist is working with sharp/thin tweezers and for your protection, your eyes must remain closed for the duration of your appointment. Take this time to rest and relax.

#4 Relax.

Ultimately at Snooty Girl we want you to relax and enjoy yourself. Getting pampered while having some girl talk and a little wine (for the client) will definitely put you in a relaxing mood!